CAT resolution!

Happy New Year!

Do you make new year resolutions? I do. I am deploying a new policy: zero tolerance of procrastination!! And it works. I happily tick items off lists, finish early and have more time to play… or blog, depending. Long may it last! 😉

clever catBut I have a very profitable and efficient resolution for you: how about you read a paragraph a day from your favourite CAT tool help? You will be amazed at what you find, discover or rediscover about the fantastic functions of your CAT tool. I find that new help systems are really well written, both in Trados and memoQ, and they are very instructive. Plus, teaching yourself is so rewarding!

So go on, make an appointment with yourself, say, over coffee, and take a look at your CAT tool help.

Happy browsing!



About marielucchetta

I lead a multiple life! I'm a professional translator with 40 years of experience, and I'm a licensed lay minister in the Church of England.
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1 Response to CAT resolution!

  1. paulfilkin says:

    Excellent advice, on the procrastination… I think, haven’t made my mind up yet 😉 But definitely on the reading a little from the help. It’s also worth following some of the useful CAT tool blogs out there as there are many users from all varieties who regularly write useful articles on how to use them in practical ways. Twitter is a good way to find who they are by looking for the appropriate hashtags to suit your chosen tools… #studio2014, #memoQ, #wordfast for example.

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