Translation portals: worth it or not?

A recent thread on LinkedIn prompted me to write about translation portals. I’m a member of ProZ, Translators’ Café, and

I do think being a member of portals is useful, although they are not a guarantee that you will get any work. Let me explain:

Translation portals: get noticed!

Translation portals: get noticed!

If you’re looking for work
– Companies, agencies and sole traders post jobs on the translation portals, and these work mainly like an auction. Many companies choose the cheapest bidder.

I do post, albeit rarely, and I do not choose the cheapest bidder, but the best person for the job. If someone has the credentials and the experience, I’ll give them a chance at the price they ask for. I’ll also hire someone else with the same credentials and experience to revise the translation. With that system, I keep my clients very happy.
– You may also be contacted directly by other members. They check your credentials and specialisms and may offer you jobs directly. Again, you may be offered a job if your quote is ok for the client. 

If you want to test the market
I find portals very useful for testing the market. When I receive a lot of job offers, I know the market is thriving, and I take my marketing down a notch. If I notice the slightest start of a slow down, I crank up the marketing, I network more and I get more work just in case!

If you want to get help
Portals, I find, are full of brilliant people, and they’re so helpful! If you’re struggling on a term or something else business related for example, ask and you will receive. Also, if you want to team up with people on a project that you find too large or too complex for you, that’s a great place to find a colleague. Just for this reason, I really love being a member.

If you want to get noticed
And finally, translation portals are part of your marketing mix. They are a way to get noticed and to put your best foot forward. I thoroughly recommend them to all professional translators who take their business seriously.

Happy translating!


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I lead a multiple life! I'm a professional translator with 40 years of experience, and I'm a licensed lay minister in the Church of England.
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