Trados 2007 vs modern CAT tools

As this entry title suggest, I do not consider Trados 2007 to be a ‘modern’ CAT tool, although it is still widely used, and even sorely missed: just the other day, a fellow translator told me “I hate change, and I hate that they changed Trados. I thought it was much easier to use, it was much better before.”

Was it really?

Workbench icon

Workbench icon

Trados 2007 is no longer available when you start buying the Suite from Studio 2014. It was made up of several applications, namely Workbench (translation memory application), Tag Editor (editor for all native applications, but not PDFs), and WinAlign (alignment application) and you could link it to Multiterm (termbase).


Now just two things:

1 – File formats
Of course, file format evolve, and CAT tools evolve accordingly. And every time I train translators or I give a talk, I get this question: can Trados process PDFs? Well, Trados 2007 certainly cannot, and I would strongly urge you to get a modern CAT tool for that. Otherwise, you have to go to great lengths to convert your PDFs and that can take a lot of time and effort.

2 – Quality control
I don’t know about you, but I always check the spelling and the grammar of my translations, not only inside, but also outside my CAT tool. I do not really trust Microsoft checkers, so I have my own grammar and spell checking application (French translators, if you are interested, ping me!).
Now, with Trados 2007, you cannot always easily export your translation into a third party application for quality control. For example, if you receive a TTX (Tag Editor) file from a client that was created with an application that you do not have (In-Design) for example, when you save your target, even if you manage opening the file with Word, it is full of code, and it can be very time-consuming to eliminate that code in order to run your quality control programme. And if the source is an XML, the process can be a bit of a nightmare!

So my point is yes, change happens, and if you embrace it, you will gain in productivity, quality, and efficiency, as modern CAT tools allow you to export your translation directly into Word (or RTF) in one click! Fantastic stuff.

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