Is your CAT tool compatible with Trados Studio?

There are many reasons why you would choose to buy Trados Studio:

  • You do not want to rule out the possibility of working with SDL
  • Your main clients have it and you want to comply
  • You like the interface
  • You want to start working with other Trados Studio users

But Studio might not be your preferred CAT tool, and you might even consider investing in another one, but… will it be compatible?

I don’t mind the new Studio (2014), but as I’ve said before, my favourite CAT tool is Kilgray’s memoQ. I love the interface, simple as. And I love that it’s an all-in-one programme too. But more about that in a later post.

Happy bunny!

Happy bunny!

The great thing with memoQ is that it processes sdlxliff files to perfection. Right now I am working for a client who sent me an sdlxliff file and expects a translated file in the same format. The only problem is, the deadlines are very tight, and the terminology is unusual. So I need an application that allows me to enter terms in a termbase super fast and super efficiently, so that I can work fast and well. I find Multiterm very clumsy.  So…

I create a new project in memoQ, I import my Studio files, I process them with the lovely memoQ interface that integrates a wonderful termbase facility, and I deliver perfect Studio files. I can even deliver a translation memory (TMX format) and a termbase (CSV format). The client is happy, I’m happy, what more would you want from your CAT tool?!

Before you invest in an alternative CAT tool, check out the developer’s website, and make sure it can process Studio files. You never know, that could come in handy.


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I lead a multiple life! I'm a professional translator with 40 years of experience, and I'm a licensed lay minister in the Church of England.
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3 Responses to Is your CAT tool compatible with Trados Studio?

  1. Why deliver the memoQ CSV format for terminology to an SDL Trados Studio user when you can export MultiTerm XML from memoQ?

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